Cross processing Color film with Black and White processing.

Hand painted Cyanotype printed using 35mm film and a home made cyanotype enlarger. One of only a few Cyanotype enlargers known to exist.

Home made Ultra Wide Pin-Hole camera using 6x9 medium format film

Soap Bubble Bokeh shot with a projection lens.

Self Portrait using Levitation Photography.

Water Droplet Bokeh

Pictorialism, shot with my Large Format digital back camera.

Sprocket Photography - 135mm film in a medium format camera.

A type of Camera Obscura

Under Exposed ambient with flash

Shot with a Home Made Tilt-Shift lens.

Helios 44-2 Swirly Bokeh

Shot with a Russian Helios 44-2 lens which gives the Swirly Background

Star Trails over the Hatem Bridge

Star Trails over the Hatem Bridge

Early work with my Large Format Digital Back Camera.

High Dynamic Range Image

Extreme Silhouette Portrait
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